Having the inline controls makes it a breeze to use with all consoles. On Xbox One, you can enable Windows Sonic support for virtual surround sound, but the difference seemed extremely modest to our ears in both Halo 5: Guardians and Rocket League. The microphone itself was adequate, and nothing more. I have something of a fascination with gaming headsets. Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Review – As a gamer, it would be a dream to have a headset that gives you superhuman hearing. The results sounded a little bit cleaner, but not strikingly so. Switching over to Rocket League, we admittedly wanted more of a bass kick in the mix — especially after recently testing the excellent Beyerdynamic Custom Game headset, with its unexpectedly effective bass sliders. If you like having a dedicated audio controller, the $299 Astro A50 costs less than the price of the Elite and the TAC combined. The Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 is quite clearly a top of the range product, but it’s still tough to recommend this headset to anyone who isn’t … I've never found Turtle Beach's headsets to be the most comfortable versions around, but the Elite Pro feels like a dream. The Turtle Beach Elite Pro Tournament Headset is designed for competition and it really does excel at that, thanks to its incredible comfort, noise-isolating cans, and … There was a problem. This is a nice touch, whether you wear glasses day to day or use specialized gaming eyewear such as Gunnar Optiks. It's also a more robust and polished offering than most of Turtle Beach's offerings, setting a high-end example of what the company is capable of. However, the Elite Pro is already expensive for a headset of its kind, and getting the most out of the device requires you to buy a robust but equally pricey audio controller add-on for $199. The headset helped to thoroughly immerse me in a massive Endor battle in Star Wars Battlefront. Hardware, PC, Playstation 4 Joel S October 12, 2017 Turtle Beach, Headset, Headphones, Gaming Headset. Turtle Beach's wireless take on the Elite Atlas improves on the original with built-in controls, software-side support, and more. Considering that the default mic is pretty crisp, though, you can probably do without the upgrade. The Turtle Beach Elite Pro headset offers pro gamers marathon-friendly comfort and crisp sound, though you'll pay a lot to get the most out of this device. The physical design is identical to theTurtle Beach Elite Atlas, the Elite Pro 2's PC-centric cousin. Using the 3.5mm headphone jack, you can easily plug into a PS4 or Xbox One controller, connect to a PC, or use it with a smartphone, tablet, and loads of other devices. Receive news and offers from our other brands? With music blaring, the Elite Pro's output also feels just a hair more confined than the Custom Game, but it's not a world of difference. If you pop off either ear cushion, you can create a small indent that's meant to accommodate your specs. Turtle Beach Recon 200 Amplified Gaming Headset for Xbox One/PlayStation 4 Pro/PlayStation 4 - White. Whether I was tussling with other Spartans in Halo 5 or keeping an ear out for Overwatch's colorfully distinct cast of characters, the Elite Pro made it easy to pick out incoming footsteps and gunfire. The Elite Pro is plenty comfortable otherwise, as well. The 50mm Nanoclear speakers are encased in big, comfy cushions that bring some astounding noise cancellation. This gaming headset is designed for PS4 and PC but can work on virtually any device. The TAC gives gamers a wealth of neat extra options in the midst of battle, but it's hard to imagine anyone besides tournament organizers and professional gamers shelling out for one. Tested on Xbox One, PS4, and PC and they works on them all. The Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 gaming headset is a curious piece of tech. Turtle Beach's incredibly comfortable Elite Pro Tournament Headset is a high-end set of gaming cans worth wearing for extended gaming sessions. The Elite Pro becomes even more impressive when you use it with Turtle Beach's Tactical Audio Controller, which features a wealth of controls for toggling surround sound and optimizing chat.
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