Newsletter. Top Tip: Wherever a signature is required please ensure they match When everything is completed, you will be invited to complete the OSCE exam in your assigned UK hospital. Although many changes happened at different times in the past, the process flow of overseas nurses registration remained the same. The new application process for registering nurses and midwives who trained outside the EEA is now open. The Application Process is a 4-step process. By July 2019 new CBT partner will be in place along with new system for registration. We’re changing our overseas registration process. FAFSA info: » (new window) Find out when to register via self-service. A two part competence test sits at the heart of the new system. If so, can you give tips or some resources for review? Also valuable tips and guidance on how to advance your nursing career Is there anyone out there who already passed it? This tool can help you work out: What evidence you’ll need to provide if you decide to register with the NMC as a … Candidates will sit a computer based test as well as an objective structured clinical examination (OSCE). Once you are successful, you then pay the NMC registration … Once you have successfully passed part 2 test of competence (OSCE), and have paid your registration fee you will receive your NMC pin in the post. To find your time, log into Self-Service, select "Student Records" and then "View Your Academic Transcript." All students are assigned a registration start time based on earned credit hours. With thousands of views gathered from the educators, NHS Trusts, private sector and agencies the NMC are still trying to streamline the process further, so more is to come. Our new process is live from midday Monday 7 October 2019. For the first time, the NMC-UK has come up with a change in the registration process flow with effect from 7th Oct 2019. Get the latest news and updates in your inbox. The new NMC portal will be more user-friendly and more streamlined than the current system. What is the application process? Your assigned registration time will be at the top of your transcript. Step 1: Self-Assessment The NMC website provides you with a helpful pre-application checklist. NMC Registration updates – Impending Changes in 2019 Computer Based Test. The process of securing NHS jobs for overseas nurses has undergone a significant change, with the launch of a revamped registration process by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).. Coming into effect from October 2014 onwards, the new system will see nurses and midwives who completed their training outside the European Economic Area (EEA) become subject to new … There is a new process for NMC registration and it includes a competency test. The NMC are launching a new overseas nurse portal accessible for nurses to upload documents and see their progress in the registration process. Thank you! Admission onto the NMC register. I have seen the blueprint for the test and it seems so difficult to pass it. If you started an application with us before and the change affects you, we will send you an email on 7 October. The Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) has been working towards a new, streamlined overseas registration process for nurses and midwives, launching at … NMC aim to process the application within 60 days, once we have received all required documents. Please follow the instructions in the email to continue your application. NMC will be running a new Test of Competence by end of 2019. NMC is going to Change the Pearson Vue center as competence partenr for reviewing and strengthening what’s in place. Step 3: Documentation.
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