But excessive kneading beyond that point could actually weaken the gluten network.) This process makes noodle pulling so much easier! Happy pulling! Simply put, gluten is the protein matrix (basically a molecular web) that forms when wheat flour is mixed with water. For Dr. Côté, gluten development during mixing is best thought of as an oxidation-reduction reaction, hence the name “dough reducers.” “The formation of a disulfide bridge is an oxidation reaction…involving gluten [proteins] containing sulfhydryl (or thiol, denoted by -SH) groups. Sorry to hear that Luciano! Also, is olive oil ok as the cooking oil? Cover with clingfilm. He is passionate about sourdough, funky hot sauce, and sustainable agriculture. My video appears twice in my post. But depending on the concentration, salt also acts as a conditioner in a dough, strengthening the gluten network. La Mian was created to satisfy a craving for nostalgia and familiarity. We will stretch the noodles before cooking. In the end, I didn’t think sulfites were a viable—or healthy—option for the home cook. I tinkered with hydration, flour type, and salt concentration. “When he gave me that dough, I went, ‘Holy cow. Like a soapy feel and taste on my tongue after eating. Adding an alkali wasn’t the answer. Read page 2 of the Hand-Pulled Noodles / La Mian dough -- a REAL RECIPE discussion from the Chowhound Home Cooking, Chinese food community. Pick up one strip of dough by holding each end gently. Learn about its History and check the Recipe section to see how la mian is made. Over time, the elasticity of the dough relaxes. If your kitchen is hot/dry, remember to cover with cling film. It prevents the dough pieces from sticking to each other. Don’t stress. For this recipe, I noticed that alkali did make my noodles chewier; but it also made pulling noodles more difficult, and the cooked noodle shape was wavy, curled, and uneven. Very excited to try this recipe! You need a scale. Now imagine a second train on a parallel track with chains joining it to the first train. Lanzhou beef noodle soup using my easy version of hand-pulled noodles. It is a registered commercial designation and a long list of rules and standards to defines it. Hand-pulled noodles (La Mian, 拉面), a foolproof recipe. So go out and make some lamian dough. Unfortunately, not many hawker stalls and restaurants can – pun intended – pull this noodle dish off. Hi, thank you for sharing your recipe. More precisely, those strong disulfide bonds could be broken mechanically; with sufficient force over time, enough bonds could be broken to produce a dough with repeatable extensibility. Prima Taste Singapore Black Pepper Crab Flavoured La Mian – Singapore. While I do prefer the oil to the flour method, I don’t always coil my dough. It tears or shrink back when you release. In the interest of keeping things simple, I decided to leave alkali out. I could have just as easily told you to go out and smuggle in some penghui, knead your dough for hours, and make some authentic noodles. Thanks! If you manipulate the dough, or if you stretch it too much, the bridge can be broken. You are welcome! Knead again for about 2 minutes until very smooth. You can reach me by following me on Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest) or simply fill in the Contact Form. Before we get down to the detailed explanations, let me first outline the procedures for making hand-pulled noodles. (In some circles, dough nerds like to distinguish tenacity from elasticity. Anecdotally, this logic made sense to me. The dough is stretched, doubled over, twisted, and stretched again, and this process is repeated until the dough can be stretched easily to arm’s length. Take one portions out, roughly kneaded and then roll out to a large wrapper (rectangle if possible). These bonds are strong, and they’re believed to determine the elasticity of a dough. Perfectly cooked noodles should be smooth, silky in appearance and quite chewy in texture. What about all that hype around penghui and kansui? Growing up in Gansu province, China where it’s a common dish in restaurants and households, I learned the technique through observing my parents’ cooking. So don’t be discouraged if you can’t get the pulling motions quite right initially. Dan dan mian or dandan noodles is a Chinese Sichuan dish consisting of pork and preserved vegetables in a spicy chili oil based sauce with Sichuan peppercorns that is served over noodles. This also works but the cooked noodles tend to have a rougher appearance and a stickier texture on the surface. They do not bond in the way that the larger glutenins do. Stretching and twirling is basically linear kneading: You’re mechanically making and breaking bonds in gluten, and aligning them in roughly one direction. Ten ways to fold dumplings (Ultimate Dumpling Guide part 3) How to make great dumpling fillings (Ultimate Dumpling Guide part 2) Sheng Jian Bao: … Oil has several effects on dough handling and cooked noodle texture. Compared to the professional method, this technique is much easier to master. Please check your email for further instructions. As the protein content of flour increased (up to King Arthur bread flour), I could dial up the amount of nutritional yeast to the top end of that range without compromising structure. Hi, Welcome to my blog! Drop the pulled noodle into boiling water. He also spent three years at America’s Test Kitchen, creating and testing recipes. While I do prefer the oil to the flour method, I don’t always coil my dough. Make a smooth, fairly firm dough using flour, salt & water. A convenient meal prepared in less than 15 mins. At levels lower than this range, the dough tended to be too elastic and too resistant to stretching. that looks really good! Lastly, oil seems to improve dough handling by mitigating stickiness to surfaces and hands. If you’re a fan of Hong Kong cinema, you might be familiar with the 1997 action comedy Mr. Nice Guy, starring Jackie Chan.In the film’s opening scene, Jackie is on live television, standing at a flour-dusted table, stretching, twisting, and pulling a piece of dough into fine strands of noodles, a process the TV host can only describe as alchemy. “When I first saw [that movie],” recalls Luke Rymarz, a software engineer and hand-pulled noodle enthusiast based in San Jose, “I thought, ‘Oh cool, special effects. Ultimately, pulling noodles is a hand skill that takes some repetition and feeling. The city is the birthplace of Lanzhou beef noodle soup, a dish that’s inspired the creation of over 35,000 noodle shops across China. As your arms move apart, bounce the noodle against the worktop to help it stretch further. “There’s a big chemical extraction process,” explains Dr. Côté, and it results in a product that hardly resembles feathers or hair at all. Then spiral them in a large plate. Fortunately, there exist recipes with more moderate kneading times. Required fields are marked *. Let me know if you have any other questions. These were fantastic. The Lanzhou variety is distinguished by its special beef or lamb broth which is then laced with slices of beef (or lamb) and usually garnished with green coriander and/or white radish. I could stretch the dough a few times easily. will it be okay? Mix with chopsticks/spatula until no more loose flour can be seen.
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