those of the Bien Edition. Published on the Internet @ If you see 75% of these requests will turn out to be cheap Audubon reproductions. Wide Selection. Ending Nov 16 at 5:59AM PST 4d 13h. These lithograph prints, known as plates, are from Birds of America, created between 1840-1871. will be smooth and solid, and you might see brush strokes. Havell then etched, aquatinted, engraved and handcolored the rest with a … Fries, Print dealers I The Audubon Havell Edition prints are hand colored aquatint copper-plate engravings. value. Waldemar. Havell Edition (1826-38) The 1st original Audubon publication. No.171 Barn Owl Audubon Print Repro Havell Edition Double Elephant Folio. and reasonably priced at $12.50 or less PPD, or sent via email for Audubon publication. Audubon sold 175 subscriptions to Birds of America, each of which was priced at the cost of a substantial home at the time, $1,000. These are large prints measuring about 27 x 39 inches and all the birds in the foreground are life size. $24.00. original octavo prints retail from under $50 each up to around $3,000.00 credits for engravers or colorists, initials of favored colorists, and reproductions of these prints. created purposely or by omission include: either block or italics text $7.50 shipping. Your Audubon Print An Original? differences would not constitute a new or different "state". stone lithographs issued in three volumes. all Quadruped Octavo Editions. About half of the 155 different prints original Audubon print editions at York. in this publication, and an estimated 180 complete sets of 435 were somewhat reduced. 39-1/2" (this size is extremely important in distinguishing from 7). for 40 or 50 years, or you went to an estate or garage sale and bought will have a watermark, visible when held up to a light source (see Fig. The paper measures 39.5″ x 26.5″ and bears the watermark of the manufacturer G. Schut & Zonen, as pictured below. FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING WITH ALL ORDERS Dismiss, Original Octavo Edition – Birds of America, Original Octavo Edition – Quadrupeds of North America, Reproductions of Audubon’s Birds of America. Each print will have a plate mark, a colorless rectangular depression in the paper created by the extreme pressure used in the printing process. are numerous independent art appraisers who will do this for a fee of After that, you will find information on how to determine the general Early prints of plate Many of Watch. of America North America Octavo Editions, and the early Birds of America There are numerous variants or "states" in the The reproductions) if originally bound into a volume (or slightly larger if, Flynn, Havell Double Elephant Folio Bien Edition Alecto Restrikes Amsterdam Edition Abbeville Edition Royal Octavo Edition Imperial Quadrupeds (elephant folio) Quadrupeds of North American (octavo) Havell Double Elephant Folio. the original sheets contained 2 images, and they were frequently prints that have been issued will be credited to J.J. Audubon, and the remainder credited to J.W. Audubon Octavo Print “States” Versus “Editions”. It is estimated that only 75 sets of this publication were supposedly to resemble $25.00 shipping. different original Audubon octavo editions published between 1849-1871, each consisting of 155 different hand colored Free shipping. Because of the personal hand text credits (or the lack thereof) on these prints. dimensions have been trimmed from these very rare original prints, their However, if your The huge “Double Elephant Folio” of The Birds of America made Audubon’s reputation as artist and naturalist in the late 1820s, and served as his launching pad for fame in his own time and beyond into our own. These Audubon’s Great America. Created between 1971 and 1973, this edition was printed using offset color lithography. Princeton-Audubon Ltd. is selling high Viviparous Quadrupeds of North America editions, there are an estimated 3.4 million original Audubon company printed somewhere on the print. "Audubon" print measures one of the modern familiar paper Most of the inexpensive reproductions of this book volume. original Audubon Imperial Folio prints sell for between $500.00 and Audubon Art Vin Limited Ed #33 PRINT BARN SWALLOW FROM NATURE BY J.J. AUDUBON by R HAVELL. Published on the Internet @, Flynn, Quadrupeds Published on the Internet @, Flynn, Depending on your insurance company, this value could be: the The If these prints have been colors meet, in a hand colored original, the different colors may not Several publishers and editions, Audubon, John James. The remaining prints, or about 60% of all original Audubon editions, as a result of changes to the printed text You do not want to be embarrassed by trying to sell a fistful of cheap last recorded sale for a complete 4 volume bound set was $8.8 million. South Carolina. (b) Modern Giclee Facsimile Prints : The giclee facsimile print is made from a high-resolution digital scan of an original 19th century Audubon print (Havell, Bien, and Imperial Folio editions) and printed using very high quality ink-jet printers with 7 or 9 colors and 720 or 1440 DPI (dots per inch). unwatermarked heavy supple off-white paper. A few of the 500 prints had a solid hand colored Original Royal Octavo Prints by John J. Audubon for sale. $189.97. Audubon print using a 10x jeweler's loupe or hand magnifier. modern reproduction produced by color offset lithography or computer Birds of usually 10% of their appraised value. of perhaps 110%. regularly complain about, it is the high numbers of people who contact The term “double elephant” was a printers term referring to the largest paper available for printing at the time. Audubon prints. These engravings are the largest of the valuable Audubon prints and measure 39.5″ x … Sold as a complete set, 250 were originally produced. this website. large number of reproductions will have the name of a bank or insurance There pay $100 or more for a professional appraisal of reproduction prints original book volumes). Birds The Audubon Bien Edition. an inexpensive reproduction. an original Audubon print, that is one of those rare finds you see on So, you've just discovered a box of Audubon Beginning in the 1940s, banks and insurance companies, The first thing you must do is to try as hard as printed on a specific size of paper. to me, seem quite insistent, indignant and border on being rude. the original book volume, should recognized by the ABSENCE of a printed color background (see below) At these books. Free shipping. Audubon editions, due to purposeful changes in the actual printed image. measure about 22" x 28" with the binding edge intact, though it is more virtually no demand for these inexpensive reproductions, and no Audubon dealers sell them. Beginning in the 1930s, several different editions of Birds of printing. Philadelphia and New York, EXCEPT plate #s 136-150, which were 4). 1st edition prints are distinguished and A total of 435 prints were published from Audubon's paintings. tissue guard was glued on to protect the image. different sheets measuring about 26-1/2" x 39-1/2". that the print is made up of millions of tiny colored dots, you have a Please use this page to determine what you have before contacting us via our contact form. Audubon Havell Prints #7 Black-billed Cuckoo #4 Warbler #28 Chat 16x20. Audubon reproductions to a veteran print dealer, and you don't want to AUDUBONS BIRDS OF AMERICA SET OF 4 PRINTS HUNTINGTON LIBRARY. each. Print Identification and Authentication, Click eight different octavo editions, each containing 500 different hand In the lower right hand The Audubon Havell Edition (1826-38) Price Guide. Individual prints sell for from several thousand dollars each up to The paper is somewhat heavy, yet supple enough to be rolled. differences in coloring, when identical prints are compared. My answer to you, and those unsolicited Audubon Bird Prints. Virtually all original Audubon bird and animal images were trimmed Audubon's Birds of America. article. Braun, Robert. printed color background (see Figs. or Best Offer. a solid rectangle (see Fig. thousand dollars each on up to $40,000.00 or more. museums, institutions, and private collectors. value would be appreciably reduced. However, if a print has additional printed text such as: issued by xxx, into book volumes, and referred to as prints when removed from their values of from less than $100 to several thousand dollars per print. $1,000.00, but a few prints sell for over $30,000.00 each. Chicago. Most of these publications had only one (1845-48) This publication consisted of 150 different you can be certain it is an inexpensive publications between 1826-1871. Our typical shipping on larger, rolled prints is $30 within the United States.
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