These invite unto the Fire and Allah inviteth unto the Garden, and unto forgiveness by His grace, and expoundeth His revelations to mankind that haply they may remember. Right, bit of a long story here but here goes.. besides Quran only! The Hindu Marriage Act 1955 does not allow a man to take a second wife so Mohan converted to Islam. How do u expect her family which is non Muslim to visit her grave in a Muslim cemetary looking at how the public would react? From my dad not being able to accept me having a Malay bf to him going for CNY visiting with me for the last 2 CNY celebrations. Reply at a believing bondwoman is better than an idolatress though she please you; and give not your daughters in marriage to idolaters till they believe, for lo! You will need an ID for your children, what will be their faith? – Yes! Both dropped their Hindu names and assumed Muslim ones. is that possible for me to marry him without converting himself? Muslim women can not marry non-Muslim men whether they be from the people of the Book or not. ( : Reply at you have shown how intolerant muslim majority countries are and at the same time how tolerant the nonmuslim majority nations are. Husband and Wife convert to Islam. Can you give details? Please give our regards to your wife. Check with the country where you wish to file for civil wedding. 13. Is your friend Muslim? I just broke up with my bf whom is a Muslim due to this conversion issues. he has a very obvious Muslim name. right? Reply at Ladies Malaysian are non-muslim, Men are Pakistan both relationship for 7yrs plan to get married. That’s not required. Simple! Can it just be a “spiritual” wedding in Singapore? Best. Supreme Court on feigned conversion to Islam and second marriage-I By Mushtaq Ahmad A Supreme Court Bench consisting of Justice S. Saghir Ahmad and Justice R.P. [Being Me Talk Show] …And God Loves Beauty, Weekly: The Heart of the Qur’an, Surah Yaseen (With Guided Recitation). I am Chinese from Malaysia with Singapore PR. Hi! What would be the situation if someone close by go disclose to the Malaysia authority that you have a fake-Nikahnama document? It was narrated that Anas said: “Abu Talhah married Umm Sulaym, and the dowry between them was Islam. Good afternoon. I will send you details. Hi. I really need expert opinions. marriage cert? Are you planning to settle in Singapore or in Malaysia? Hope to hear your reply. In the pursuit to get justice for her daughters, the grieving father, on March 31, lodged a second complaint. Advantages of Converting to Islam for Marriage. 1. I had converted but did not tell my family about it." My bf (muslim) and I (Christian) plan to go thru with civil marriage. I have another question if me and my girlfriend ran out of house and get merry here in india after that what will happen? Hindu-Christian Married Life in America, Christian-Hindu marriages, Hindu-Jew marriages, Jain-Muslim marriages, Sikh-Muslim marriages, Brahmin-Muslim marriages, Hindu-Muslim marriages, Inter-race-Inter-faith marriages, Jew-Muslim marriages, Christian-Muslim marriages, Who is God?, Bollywood and Interfaith Marriages.Return to Home, Blogs, How to Share? Wani, Even after 15 years, your lies could put you in trouble. High regards for woman? Islam allows a man to marry a woman from any of the five "true faiths". "Islam has taught me a lot of important things; family is everything to them, and maybe that's why they found it difficult to accept me so readily. Islamic Weddings Such people can look at this aspect of Allah's creation and be reminded of the greatness of Allah's work and power and the magnificent mercy Allah has placed in His creation im a buddhist and my boyfriend is a muslim, we are both from malaysia. Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Dont worry. The Philippines is the only country other than the Vatican that outlaws divorce. He converted to muslim in Malaysia probably during Nikka (may be wrong spelling) aka religious wedding ceremony if i am not wrong. Miss Khan, His family are very open-minded people. Law … Read more at 1. Such people can look at this aspect of Allah's creation and be reminded of the greatness of Allah's work and power and the magnificent mercy Allah has placed in His creation — The conversion of non-Muslim spouses to Islam shall have the legal effect of ratifying their marriage as if the same had been performed in accordance with the provisions of this Code or Muslim law, provided that there is no legal impediment to the marriage under Muslim law. I also don't want to believe that G-d sends people to hell because he is supposed to be good. im arab muslim girl , im in love with a catholic boy we are dating for one year now, however he wants to settle down and marry me but hes not sure that he can convert to islam.i dont know how to convince him, he also said he might convert to islam as temporary and later he will convert back to his origin religion after our marriage. I am malaysian and so is the person i love. You just need to tell them that you are already converted and a Muslim. Can we Merry in some other countries if we can not merry in indonesia? We have sent a request to the Chinese girl, we hope she will come back. Here is a list of celebrities who converted their partners to Islam. What if Kids born in Singapore with independence of religion as Malaysian Citizen? Same way a Muslim cannot participate in a Hindu vivaha. Vol. Ben Pol converting to Islam proves that his marriage to Anerlisa is over. My fiance is a convert and we are planning to get married in Singapore, but was told that he needs to have an Islam convert certificate. Will your children have Arabic names and raised Muslims? 3. Human-O says: January 26, 2014 at 11:13 pm. Are you a Muslim or non-Muslim Malaysian? we will later on try to agree our parents for us. Hi,sorry for my broken english. please advise. You have to give more details about what is your situation. Muslim guy could have multiple wives. Human-O has not been visiting this site but let us answer to our best knowledge. Reply at Believe in yourself, parents (cause whom you are here), your own culture and traditions, faith with whom you can associated. A Muslim guy could date any one but marry only if the non-Muslim convert. We have read quite a lot of writings on interfaith marriage online. Hi Nur – I have replied to your post. He definitely understands that I do not want to convert to Islam. On the Judgment Day, probably Allah will congratulate you and your wife for respecting each other’s faith. 3) If we register under the civil marriage, is it still necessary to do the muslim certification? To register a Muslim marriage in Singapore, you and your spouse-to-be must be: 18 years old and above. As far as you converting, he cannot force you but he also shouldn't be the standard you hold for Muslims. Suma, we wish to work with you to abolish this unfair practice. A quick qtn. It seems that a lot of Muslims still follow the rules set by their religion – Islam. It is believed that the use of a limited number of such screenshots, articles and other information is for a purpose of identifying, illustrating, commenting and/or teaching for nonprofit educational purposes. log in sign up. We don’t care about religion as long as we are happy together. As far we know and understood, Malaysia will not bother foreigner and you will be able to get away for a while. “BISMILLAH-HIR-RAHMAN-NIR-RAHIM. We have been together for almost 3 years now. Hiello admin if you’re reading this then I would really glad to have a discussion with you. InterfaithShaadi has not confirm authenticity of the bloggers. from the village head.. what do you think? -Human, Humano says: January 29, 2014 at 8:59 pm Then officially reconvert back to his original religion. What is your citizenship from? please help? We do not believe this trick of fooling Malay government will work, at least in term of long run. The pressure is immense now that my parent wishes that I get married soon, while his parent gave my fiancé the ultimatum – have me convert or leave me. respond to me. One is Muslim and the other is non Muslim. Yes, you could get away as married without conversion for a few years, but not long in Malaysia. Interesting! … and what would be Mother’s faith and name? Reply at Over the last few years, many people have been converting to Islam and becoming widely known Muslim converts. For the past seven years, the number of Muslim conversions administered in Singapore has stayed fairly consistent at between 600 and 700 a year. 3) marriage certificate in Malaysia get from? Although in Islam, there is a concept of converting your spouse if they are of any other religion before you marry them. In-person solemnizations at home and at the Registry of Marriages will continue to be subject to a limit of 10 persons. 10. Converting of religion only for sake of marriage is not valid: Allahabad High Court . – Let them be, Our documents are real not fake and properly approved by authorities. "Islam appealed to me because it’s a beautiful religion. We paid money and got the muslim marriage certificate from overseas and registered our marriage in Malaysia. Because our marriage will not accepted in malaysia when we want to registered child cert. My fiance is a muslim and he strongly urges me to convert to Islam (from Judaism). Read Malaysian laws very carefully. Also if we were to marry in Singapore, do they allow non citizens to perform their marriage there? What should I do? Do we have to stay abroad to raise them? 3. “If we want to get married in Singapore, do we need to become a permanent Singapore citizens first ?” NO “Since he is a Malaysian muslim and I am a Malaysian hindu,will there be a problem in terms of religion..” YES and NO. She could, in theory, leave the non-Muslim husband and marry a Muslim one. I am a Syrian Muslim and married a Catholic Brazilian. well like mac says: if he loves u then why is he making u stand against your own religion.. well if u really love him them why are u trying to convert him and make him go against his own religion why can’t both of u just believe in love and follow ur own religions and be with each other as husband and wife..for get what religion says.. no one follows religion to the core.. we all do more wont make any difference.. Marry him. If you are in love with a Muslim from Malaysia and wishes to settle in Malaysia, it is going to be next to impossible. She asking me to convert Muslim to marriage as I am a Buddhism. But what happens when you need to renew your passport? After she covert, will there be any issue in malaysia.. Can give me some advice.. thank you, Reply at, ihave a same question with you. Don't subscribe and if we will get merry here in india then we will get settel here but will our marraige will be legally accepted there in indonesian government too? Fake certificate will create legal problem later in life, don’t convert unless you mean to be a Muslim. I am a Malaysian Buddhist and my partner is a Pakistani Muslim. I really love her but in the meantime would not want to lose my family as well. guide me, a chinese non-muslim with a muslim. Just a piece of paper can’t change someone believe. (iii) A ground for divorce at the instance of the convert. Can 2 Muslims marry at the ROM? We have plans of marriage and i wouldnt mind converting. Sorry, we do not know such knowledge. Do you or your friends wish to know and learn more about Islam? Is it fine, if we go through civil marriage but not the MUSLIM MARRIAGE (Singapore)? We agreed to have a civil marriage so that my family could also take part. We got married in Singapore under civil law (without any conversion) -really can do it in Singapore? Mandy How | July 03, 2018, 07:16 PM . How do you define 'single' marital status? Why don’t you go ask the Malay government marriage bureau, let us know what you learned. My girlfriend (now wife) was fidgeting and i could understand her nervousness. Im a Chinese Malaysian and my husband is a Singaporean malay. 2. “…for our children in their birth cert?”, yes, Malaysian government will not approve your Hindu-Muslim marriage and even you will have to change your identity as “Muslim” after Nikaah. May be, you could visit back to Malaysia as a visitor. 1. No, we are not planning to settle in Malaysia. Find out more on how to be a Muslim and embrace this faith. What will be the (Muslim) name of their mother? I just don’t want to hurt my parents and the same goes for her is there anything that we can do.please I really need some guidance.. besides Quran only! Where did you pay/get for the marriage certificate? Same way a Muslim cannot participate in a Hindu vivaha. This for the following reasons: 1 No. Read laws here…, HELLO,GLAD TO BE PART OF THE COMMUNITY AND SEEKING FOR A REAL QUICK HELP HERE. He deceived you and isn't treating you fairly, when in Islam the wife and the mother is put on a pedestal and the best of men are those who treat their wives [well]. 3. Marriage is one thing and immigration or citizen of that country is a separate issue/topic. MY FIANCEE CHINESE MALAYSIAN ,IM SPANISH CITIZEN BUT MOROCCAN NATIONALITY MUSLIM,MY FIANCEE NOW IS PREGNANT,WE ARE GETTING MARRIED I HAVE ISSUE WITH VISA FOR RENEWING EVERY THREE MOUNTHS BY NOW,WHAT ARE OUR CHNCES TO MARY IN SINGAPORE AND APPLY A LONG TERM VISA IN MALAYSIA? Please read what we said to Donna at source: Lets ask Islam. 2) your children citizen from? Which country can we go to if we are looking to get a marriage certificate? Hi, I’m in a similar situation. Did you used a Muslim name for your Nikaah? I am an Indian hindu working in Malaysia and my boyfriend is an Indian muslim, we want to marry and respect each other religion and no one wants to convert. We paid money and got the muslim marriage certificate from overseas and registered our marriage in Malaysia. Currently living in Malaysia and lovingly Muslim guy in malaysia. I am glad to say that. Thanks. But then wen it comes to marriage life what should I do. Tell her the days of conversion business is over, now it is equality of two faiths. Do your wife attend a temple in Malaysia when you go? Click here to check for important documents that are required for your application. She’s a Muslim, and i’m a Buddhist Male. And would love to to extra miles to help and guide others if they feel like giving up the love because of religion issues! People interested in the teachings of Islam sometimes find that the religion and lifestyle resonate in a way that makes them consider converting to the faith in a formal way. Please revert. Give us details and we can help. You might think that celebrities don’t care about that but in reality, they do. I want to marry a Malay Muslim girl but she ask me to convert a Muslim so I willing to convert to Muslim. I am a native Malaysian non-Muslim, while my fiancé is a native Malaysian Muslim. I am glad to say that. Married or not married and what would happen if you have kids. 1. Please view/read these: Children by this marriages MUST be Muslim only. Both of us planning to get marry without convert.. Any couple can have its wedding function (Without letting her parents know) -ok -Generally civil wedding respect two adults wishes and may have some notification rule. Thats just plain bullshit when u ‘force’ Muslim convert to stay & die as Muslims even after divorce. God and the Universe be blessful to all here… “3. Hi, I’m a Muslim girl and my bf is an Indian. This is what we believe… no wonder people like to think muslim as terrorist. Mohsin Khan. Anyone can advise if this is doable ?? I’m a muslim girl wanted to marry a buddhist, without him converting. The readers , especially muslims, should introspect on this. Do you carry a Muslim name in your passport/legal documents or your Hindu original name? We wish to hear her views on all these things, that will be a good message to other Muslim girls. Do u declare yr marriage cert in malaysia embassy? I know civil marriage is allowed here. This girl could make marriage to her a means of encouraging him to become Muslim, as happened in the case of Umm Sulaym (may Allaah be pleased with her) and her marriage to Abu Talhah (may Allaah be pleased with him). I am well treated and respected, he respects my religion and I his. Cheating will not go a long way. Can a person convert to Islam for the purpose of marriage and he might think of growing into the faith later if he’s convinced? Just to add on — Islam has made kindness, through Zakat, binding upon all those who embrace the faith. Thanks, that is a big help! Will your steps work for two Malaysians? 2) What religious identity will go on for your children’s card? WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF I SAID IM NOT MUSLIM AND MARRY HERE IN MALAYSIA? …, Reply at c’mon ure a man , u shd know ur desires..there are reasons why man are allowed to do that..and if the wives does it matter to you? We are both living in sg. This site is not affiliated with any Indian matrimonial site, including People who got married in Indian and now settled in Singapore, their marriages are valid as per Singapore laws. . Both of us in love for 12 years . In short, a non-Muslim male must convert to Islam before marriage. Islam has high regards for woman..extremely high..u should read up…i have lots to say abt other religion too..lots and lots and lots of it…you think we aren’t amused with your religion? But if there is a will, there is a way. Will you allow your wife to celebrate Islamic religious festivals like eid-ul-azha. If yes, does the marriage certificate carry any weight in Malaysia? I dont mind to get it one in other countries as long as not in Msia. Further, tell her that your children will be raised in two faiths, take it or leave it. On the other hand, it appears that a foreign couple that had married outside of Singapore would have to fulfil the second condition, as it is unlikely that they would be domiciled in Singapore, but are more likely to be habitually resident in Singapore. and if anyone knows an imam in Singapore who support interfaith marriage and might willing to lead the process of muslim wedding ?? It was narrated that Anas said: “Abu Talhah married Umm Sulaym, and the dowry between them was Islam. My family has approved our relationship so did my fiance’s sister. For all these reasons, if you decide to get married by a secular civil … If she truly loves you, she will come around. look at how you guys betrayed him! Show him Quran verse 2:221 that why you can’t marry him. Do give me details how I can proceed with it! Please Reply. After Nikaah, you have to register your marriage in Malaysia as two Muslims. will my partner be despised by others ? YES. We both are living in Dubai and he had no will to convert to Muslim. Tanzanian RnB singer Bernard Paul Mnyang’anga popularly known as Ben Pol has converted to Islam last week. Please reply to my email It seems like your post is giving us hope. They are both Malaysians. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. For all these reasons, if you decide to get married by a secular civil wedding in Singapore and settle in a non-Muslim country, there will not be any legal issue. Reply at Now i need a marriage cert because indon doesn’t provide one to prove that we are married. You have provided very limited information and thus we or others can’t guide. Hello admin, im from msia, both my bf n i. Im muslim n my bf is christian (in his id) but an atheist. If you have a real desire to be a Muslim and believe that Islam is the true religion of God, then, all you need to do is say the "Shahada" (Declaration of Faith). So did Bali. We would like to know how to go about it. Is it possible to get a muslim conversion card elsewhere and use it in Singapore? But my family is a strict taoist and my mum has just recently became a Chinese medium. 23.10.2020” The news was a shock to many who hadn’t seen his move coming. 4 Will I be able to buy a house with him and live in Malaysia together as husband and wife? John, Here this Pakistani is looking for a “fateful” girl, but which faith? Further, what will it say in identity card for your children, Hindu or Muslim? There are some benefits that men & women converting to Islam for marriage can get. yes the so called muslim is so intolerant. can i marry him without convert my self to muslim ? 25 Apr 2017. 1 Dec 1999-May 2000 Masia is following partial laws favoring Muslims. Marriage Between Muslim and Non-Muslim. here i want to addressing to singapore girls whom want to marriage with pakistani muslim guys so plz trust on them you can check first its your right but all are not bad ………. Reply at Please come to guide others. source: Pakistan TV. Now im planning once I married in singapore and if I go india and convert at Arya Samaj which they do conversion in legal way and will provide the conversion cert, would malaysia will accept my conversion.? I am foreigner. And would love to to extra miles to help and guide others if they feel like giving up the love because of religion issues! Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Book, Media. Are we able to get married in Singapore,even though that we are not a resident of Singapore? Hi my bf is Muslim and me and my family are Christian. i have crossed the river uou are trying to and can guide you. 1) If any of your relative go and inform sharia court, you will be in deep trouble right there and 2) Islam is called as a deen which means a way of life, Allah says in the Quran in surah Al-imram chapter 3 v 18 ” And whoever desires other than Islam as religion – never will it be accepted from him, and he, in the Hereafter, will be among the losers.”. Conversion is only compulsory when a non muslim marry a Malaysian muslim. Posted by wael on 2/17/10 • Categorized as Converting to Islam,Marriage Articles. In Singapore, madrasahs are private schools which are overseen by Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS, Islamic Religious Council of Singapore). I am truly amazed & encouraged by the author if this case is real! We would like to know how we can work this out without any legal/conversion changes (other than the “married” status) and yet, make both families happy by doing a “spiritually-Muslim” wedding/solemnization. "Converting whole-heartedly to Islam is a personal thing for me and Sham understood that. Hope this helps! There is no need for conversion in Singapore, absolutely NOT. We were planning to get a marriage certificate from the registrar of marriage but it has come to our knowledge that we cannot do that unless I convert. He proposed marriage … That’s it. Dear Bella, If all fails he can still try to give up his Malaysian citizenship on the grounds that his father is British, however we intend to remain in Malaysi if possible without him giving up citizenship. And whoever saves one – it is as if he had saved mankind entirely…”, Islam means its comes from the root word salam(means peace) or the word s’lim(means submits a will to Almighty God) .. But I cannot guarantee u that ur wife will not be bothered by d religious dept ppl if u reg ur marriage here. Is there any possibility to married without convert. After divorce, the Muslim women (could be a former Hindu) must marry another Muslim. I would be grateful if you could offer some advise as to how we can go about this matter, getting married without the need of sacrificing our faiths. They have made it clear that they don't want their daughter getting married to a non-Muslim unless I convert to Islam. Are you considering to convert to Islam on its merits over many other religions, including great Buddhism? Reply at Conversion to Islam of one spouse in a non-Muslim marriage. I am a Malaysian Chinese girl and I am dating an Iranian Shia-Muslim boy. My girlfriend is a Indonesian muslim.. Were you and your spouse originally a Malaysia citizen? We can help you. Jazakum Allahu khayran. She died lonely for sure & her family is not gonna visit her grave! I know that there isnt anything like a convert cert under the Islamic Law but we really need one to get married … which do not label them as Hindu/Muslim. Non-Muslim marriages are generally governed under the Women’s Charter (the “Charter”), as provided for under section 3(1) of the Charter. Muslim men can marry women from the people of the Book. We were both at the Registry of Marriages to collect our marriage certificate. She doesn’t know I am enquiring about this. Marriage in Islam and Muslim family The affection which Allah has created in the hearts of the two spouses is one of His great signs for the people of understanding. Any comment made on this forum may be reposted on other web sites (like Facebook) and also used for other media (like a book). It would be heartbreaking to break up solely because of the law’s sake. hi, congratulations to your happy marriage. i am a hindu girl live in pakistan my boy friend is muslim and he also lives in pakistan,,i want to marry with him but in pakistan i have to convert to muslim,,can we both marry in singapore with civil law,as we both dont have singapore nationality,,plz tell me any solution, Reply at, First of all get your facts right….can you please prove “A Muslim guy could date any one but marry only if the non-Muslim convert.”. I am a malaysian Non muslim.. Hai. Do you think there are priest out there brave enought to conduct our marriage ceremony secretly and obtain the civil marriage cert. We feel it will be an issue on a long run. Will your children have Arabic names and raised Muslims? if you don’t agree its fine..don’t insult and most importantly DO NOT …DO NOT come up with your own shariah laws in the name of helping ppl…Trust me…from the way you have’re not even a millimeter near to are like “oh so wonderful” helping others…and disgustingly insult a religion…Gd luck to all of you who are following his/her advice. If we get married in Singapore and do the necessary rituals, can we live in Msia without facing trouble. That’s mandatory, but i don’t care that on a piece of paper. Is it possible to get the conversion certifcate? Even to get into relationship is non-Islamic, so why are you worry about her? This girl could make marriage to her a means of encouraging him to become Muslim, as happened in the case of Umm Sulaym (may Allaah be pleased with her) and her marriage to Abu Talhah (may Allaah be pleased with him). Would you need to But to him, that is the only way to do it. Can I get marry to him since he is foreigner in Malaysia? It was not an easy road for us and we went through tough times and lot of stress. If he instead sought non-Jewish sexual companionship, he would violate the Jewish prohibition against cohabiting with a non-Jewish woman. I am Malaysian Muslim and my bf is European living in Dubai. Reply at, It’s very simple , go to any one of the mosque near you and ask the imam of the mosque and tell them your need insha Allah they will surely help you, I am from Malaysia, my bf is a Muslim from UK.
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