//, Spin a shield of ice around you, absorbing up to 13116 damage from 3 projectiles. Fire, Cold, Electrical, Nature and Spirit Resistance Bonus: 75.0%. The shield can hold four charges. All Rights Reserved. It’s such a huge shield that you don’t even need to block when you have this active as it will eat up the whole projectile damage and the shield can be hit up to 3 times. Once Mana is depleted, Shimmering Shield turns off. the morph you will want to take every time is Shimmering shield. Warden is ESO’s first new class since launch. While we’ll be focusing on grabbing important skills that assist us in… Shimmering Shield : Spin a shield of ice around you, absorbing up to [24792 / 25064 / 25337 / 25609] damage from 3 projectiles. Contributions to Fextralife Wikis are licensed under a. The build is optimized for Battlegrounds (non Champion Points) but also works in Cyrodiil. Alle Infos zum Skill Schimmernder Schild (engl. ESO-Sets, ESO-Skillbook and ESO-Housing are becoming ESO-Hub. Golden Beetle - 250 Talanji's Expedition reputation, turned in to Krag'wa. Jorvuld's Guidance is a Light Armor Set in Elder Scrolls Online that was added with Update 17: Dragon Bones. Whenever you need to buy Cheap and Safe ESO Gold, our Live Chat is 24/7 online. Shimmering Shield is a morph of Crystallized Shield. Welcome to the Magicka Warden Build PvP “Freezer” for Elder Scrolls Online. Armor (), rare A metal shield that has shimmering flecks embedded into its face. Warden‘s have the Shimmering Shield ability that grants Major Heroism for 6 secs whenever a projectile is absorbed. ZeniMax Media company. Shimmering Shield (Vital) This is a great skill for any situation where you take projectile damage. So if my Health was 20,000, then my damage shield value would be 6,000. Each time you absorb a projectile you restore 831 Magicka and launch an icy bolt back at the enemy, dealing 636 Frost Damage. trademarks of ZeniMax Media Inc. in the US and/or other countries. Each time you absorb a projectile you restore 595 Magicka and gain Major Heroism for 6 seconds, granting you 3 Ultimate every 1.5 seconds.