We analyzed 7,185 Laboratory Assistant/Phlebotomist resumes to identify the skills, responsibillities, and achievements that hiring managers want to see. Maintained inventory. To get the job, you need to stand out like Lestat at a blood drive. Phlebotomists are healthcare professionals working in hospitals, blood donation centers, and blood banks. But check your social media accounts before sending your phlebotomy resume. In the days when leeches were medical equipment, that meant enthusiasm. Someone with buckets of experience on a phlebotomy resume? Use the sample phlebotomy resume up top. Meticulous regard for detail and accuracy with strong follow-through and administrative skills. Mentored new hires in effective phlebotomy techniques, patient relations strategies, procedure documentation, and HIPAA requirements. You can also see Nutritionist Resume Templates. Trained 3 phlebotomists in use of Allscripts, At the top of your phlebotomy resume, near your name. Do like the first of our professional phlebotomist resume examples below. Top Phlebotomist Skills. Energetic phlebotomist, highly skilled in venipuncture, taking vitals, data entry, and HIPAA compliance. Many hospitals and clinics don’t want just phlebotomists. Create a resume in 5 minutes. Read more! Commended by 3 teachers for attention to detail. You’ll need 10,000 vacuum tubes to store up all your interview requests. Licensed phlebotomist patient-focused professional offering comprehensive experience at high-volume output labs, handling live-patient samples, maintaining and troubleshooting laboratory equipment, and lab maintenance. In your phlebotomist skills section, show you’ve got the technical knowledge for the job and can empathize with nervous patients. Saved $300/mo via new inventory pull system. Pro Tip: Don’t have conferences or memberships? Write A Phlebotomy Resume Objective or Summary Just like a blood panel, someone experienced should be able to look at your phlebotomist resume and establish the key metrics immediately. Because phlebotomy deals with drawing, storing, and analyzing blood samples, a significant percentage of the population cannot handle what the job entails. They’re the big needle that gets you through the boredom-thelium. You’ll find mountains of complaints online that, “you need to know someone to get phlebotomist jobs.”. That’s hard, so don’t do it first. Collected, processed, labeled, and stored specimens from over a thousand patients. But—list it below your CPT. See our guide: How to Make a Resume: A Step-by-Step Guide (+30 Examples). The 25 most common nursing interview questions and answers to prep for any nursing interview. As part of the job description, these technicians carry out all the tasks that are mentioned on the Senior Phlebotomist Resume – preserving patient health and quality of samples; arranging day tasks based on urgency, identifying patients and their personal information; determining the right venipuncture method; reassuring patients, finding veins that are suitable for puncture; drawing blood using sterilized needles, … You need the phlebotomy skills Sue wants. Improve your resume with help from expert guides. Read original data insights to boost your reporting. Experienced in blood sample processing and excellent Phlebotomy skills. See if you can spot the flub in the first of our senior phlebotomist resume samples: That's not exactly a DVT, but it won’t start an interview gusher. Phlebotomist Resume Sample [Downloadable] You can apply for a phlebotomy technician position only if you have license. For example: MAJOR STRENGTHS. Physical dexterity (or motor skills) is critical for a phlebotomist. Great. What Is a Medical Laboratory Technologist? When making a resume in our builder, drag & drop bullet points, skills, and auto-fill the boring stuff. Here's what it may look like: See more cover letter templates and start writing. A phlebotomy resume with spelling errors looks like ten holes in a patient’s forearm. Cram either with enough accomplishments to fill a Red Cross truck. Here’s an example of a strong objective statement for a phlebotomy resume: Seeking a challenging and rewarding phlebotomy technician position. Show them like the next of our entry-level phlebotomy resume examples: The medical director just dropped her copy of Pricking the Vessels. This short example phlebotomist cover letter nails it: I read your mission and vision on your website and found it inspirational. They need to be able to draw blood quickly and efficiently, with minimal discomfort for patients. My goals are to use my learned skills and experience to advance my career and take advantage of opportunities. See perfect cover letter samples that get jobs. In particular, they need to be able to empathize with and show concern and care for patients who are nervous. With the same stuff. See our guide: 240 Resume Action Words & Power Words to Make Your Resume Shine, There are two kinds of phlebotomy job candidates—. See our guide: +30 Best Examples of What Skills to Put on a Resume (Proven Tips). The clinic manager just put her finger on your contact info. Earned multiple “Employee of the Month” awards. Saved department $300/mo through implementation of new pull system to cut down on wasted supplies. Why the tossing? Would you believe it’s not how much phlebotomy experience you have? Do that with "other" sections most applicants do wrong. Working with patients requires care and skill but when you’re working to draw their blood as a phlebotomist, you’ll need extra patience. Exacting CPT with 3+ years of experience. Pro Tip: Check your spelling! Tell the truth about your experience. You need a phlebotomy resume that gets interviews. © 2020 Works Limited. The first of our phlebotomist resume examples is practically edema: What do any of those have to do with drawing blood? I spoke with a medical pro who figured out how to use networking to get a $100K+ job in her mid 20s with an unfinished degree. All phlebotomist resumes list experience and education. That applicant pricks veins with her tongue out. Pro Tip: Does a phlebotomist need a LinkedIn profile? “Professional," means john.doe@gmail.com. Not “just” a phlebotomist? Detail-oriented phlebotomist, skilled in customer service and interpersonal skills, seeking to deliver high-quality patient care for Life Peak Health. See the entry-level phlebotomist resume examples below. Here are some skills to list on your phlebotomist resume: Venipuncture As advances in medical research and treatment continue to grow, the healthcare industry needs more phlebotomists. Phlebotomist Resume Examples. Pro Tip: Can you prove phlebotomy skills in a resume? Get the job you want. If you travel to nursing homes be sure and emphasize your ability to not only make difficult draws but be organized and self motivated with good. Maybe you haven’t held the title, but you’ve got achievements. This sample resume for a phlebotomist shows how you can communicate your phlebotomy credentials and draw your resume to the top of the stack. Phlebotomists draw blood from patients for tests, research, transfusions, and/or blood donations. Customer Support. These skills and requirements are just as likely to be mentioned by employers as well as on resumes of people that held a job as a Certified Phlebotomist, suggesting that having these keywords on a resume are important for success as a Certified Phlebotomist. Assessing a situation, considering options or alternatives, and then choosing an appropriate course of action. Avoid exaggerating your phlebotomist resume skills. Also, listing all those skills impresses nobody. Phlebotomist Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities Phlebotomists are laboratory technicians who draw blood samples from patients in a process known as venipuncture. Key contributions: FORREST GENERAL HOSPITAL, Hattiesburg, MSPhlebotomist (May 2013 – February 2016)Drew and labelled patient blood for processing, logged information into medical records database, and meticulously maintained medical instruments. This site uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. If your resume objective sounds too good to be true, it will go straight to rejects’ folder. Her chance of seeing you? These two phlebotomy resume examples show how. Why? All those look great on a resume for phlebotomist jobs. Spot the major difference in these sample phlebotomist resume experience sections: Wow. You’ve found it. They need to be precise when drawing blood and labeling and keeping track of samples. You draw blood better than Selene from Underworld. You should select a template, like the one our phlebotomist resume sample uses, that calls attention to your best qualities and skills while also featuring an … Important Job Skills for Phlebotomists With a Resume Example, ERproductions Ltd / Blend Images / Getty Images, Want to Be a Medical Assistant? You should be sure to include not only your place(s) of current/past employment but what your job duties included. You didn’t only say you did things. Give us a shout in the comments! Phlebotomists require a wide variety of skills. Empathy will help a phlebotomist interact successfully with patients and their families. Pick the right resume format for your situation. But what if you have no experience at phlebotomy jobs? Put those in your skills list, plus a couple more. As seen in the sample phlebotomist resume given above, concise and structured information in the resume helps in creating a positive impression on the reader’s mind, thereby increasing your chances of securing a job in this field. USE THIS SAMPLE FREE Luckily, we’ve got a guide to how to make a LinkedIn profile. Writing a resume that stands out is an important part of landing any phlebotomy job. Improve your CV with help from expert guides. Finally, be sure to include top skills throughout your resume. Want to become a nurse? You can write it in our cover letter builder here. We ranked the top skills based on the percentage of Phlebotomist resumes they appeared on. That’s because the resume must be powerful enough to highlight your skills systematically in a fashion which snatches the maximum attention of the recruiter. If you lack phlebotomy resume experience, get some. That applicant lives and breathes to fill up vacuum tubes. Not you, unless it’s recent or impressive. If your resume is sloppy, why would she trust you with a patient’s bloodstream? Pro Tip: Were you an EMT? As a phlebotomist who received Life Peak Health’s customer service award and maintained 100% accuracy across all documentation, I believe I’m a fit. In cases where blood specimens must be submitted to labs for analysis, Phlebotomists are responsible for labeling vials and arranging shipment of samples. Learn how to make a CV that gets interviews. Learn how to make a cover letter that gets interviews. Motor Skills Candidates must have the physical dexterity to master technical and procedural aspects necessary They don’t just list their education on phlebotomy resumes. Typical duties seen on a Phlebotomist resume sample include drawing blood, taking part in blood donation events, storing blood properly, answering to patient inquiries, and offering first aid when necessary. Always end a cover letter with an offer. She’s got a headache the size of LabCorp from reading 100 phlebotomy resume skills lists. No numbers. Try, “Can we set up a time to discuss how I trained 3 other phlebotomists on Allscripts EMR software? Remember to use basic formatting with clear section headings and a traditional layout. Today’s PDFs are machine-readable. Phlebotomists usually have a constant flow of patients throughout the day. Handled all phlebotomist responsibilities, including collecting, processing, labeling, and storing specimens from patients. Imitate our next phlebotomy resume example instead: Boom. It’s fast and easy to use. All Rights Reserved. 855.213.0348 Schedule: M - F 8 AM - 8 PM CST Make the best use of this Sample Phlebotomist Resume template. A good one. List publications, like articles you’ve written or been interviewed for. Highlight Skills in Your Cover Letter: In your cover letter, you can mention one or two of these skills, and give a specific example of a time when you demonstrated those skills at work. Volunteer 2x per month to walk dogs at local shelter. This portion of your phlebotomy resume mentions your skills and highlights the strengths you possess. Start building your resume here. Dermal Puncture and Capillary Blood Collection (LabCE). Use a resume summary if you’ve got more experience than Nosferatu. There are plenty of opportunities to land a Phlebotomist job position, but it won’t just be handed to you. They also test blood specimens or samples they have drawn. That doesn’t mean they have the skills. Providing quality, innovative care to patients. Need the right order of draw for your phlebotomy resume skills section? No real-world experience yet but I did very well in school and I’ll work extremely hard. Since 2016, he has been sharing advice on all things recruitment from writing winning resumes and cover letters to getting a promotion. If you’re lying, the interviewer will find out when you’re face-to-face. Use our 2, 5, and 30-minute resume writing tips to quickly improve your resume. Have worked as volunteer phlebotomist at Mercy Hospital, Salvation Street Blood Bank, and fill-in at Phlebotek.