Use cleaning chemicals approved to disinfect against the coronavirus. 14 Leave deliveries at doorsteps and loading docks, when you can. It has the mandate to assure “every man and woman in the Nation safe and healthful working conditions and to preserve our human resources.” NIOSH has more t… Prevent workers from using other workers' equipment. NACOSH was established under the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 to advise the secretaries of labor and health and human services on occupational safety and health programs and policies. The safety officer must provide leadership in all aspects of health and safety activities at work or otherwise. 47 Wash your hands before and after touching your mask. Limit nonessential visitors to child care facilities. Shield It. Clear communication promotes confidence during a pandemic. 43 Train workers to use, wear, store and dispose of PPE. Machines should be properly safeguarded to prevent amputations. Wash your hands before touching masks, gloves or any PPE. Try flexible work hours or staggered shifts if telework is not an option. Request all passengers to ride in the back seat of shared vehicles. Consider all water in flooded areas unsafe. Website: National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health . 231 Wash your hands with soap and water once you arrive at work. The National Health Laboratory Service’s (NHLS) Institute for Occupational Health (NIOH), is recognised internationally for excellence in research, services and training to support occupational health services not only in South Africa but also in Southern Africa through its … 136 Use contactless payment options for food orders. Employers: Display your injury and illness summary starting, Severe Storm and Flood Recovery Assistance. 97 Immediately separate sick offshore workers from their colleagues. 237 Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. Give clear instructions and train working teens this holiday season. Always assume that downed power lines are live. 148 Avoid gathering with colleagues during breaks onshore and offshore. Provide delivery workers with cleaning products. 24 Reserve parking near the front door for curbside pickup. 51 Physical distancing helps keep workers and everyone safe. Ask visitors to report if they develop any symptoms after visiting a nursing home. 144 Consider current outbreak conditions in the community when reopening. 196 Separate workers from occupants by closing doors or installing plastic sheeting. 4 Avoid sharing desks, phones, or other tools with other workers. 68 Bring unsafe work conditions to your supervisor's attention. 198 Train employees with safety and health responsibilities. 206 Support worker input to develop training on specific workplace hazards. Offer customers vehicle pick-up and drop-off service. Use fall protection when blue tarp roofing. Prevent trench collapses: Slope It. 20 OSHA protects workers wrongly disciplined for raising safety concerns. 76 Ask visitors to report if they develop any symptoms after visiting a nursing home. Occupational health providers should establish clear links where they do not already exist, and work closely with health and safety leads, infection prevention teams and local health protection teams. Several definitions of occupational health and safety and occupational health services have been produced by professional bodies, international organizations such as WHO and IL0 and national bodies and authorities. 120 Have policies and procedures in place before resuming operations. 228 OSHA protects young workers who raise safety concerns. 96 Maintain physical distance when clocking-in or out and during breaks. National profile. Remind employees to self-evaluate for COVID-19 signs/symptoms before coming to work.