16. I pumped with him 2 poison arrows in a row with about 6 seconds in between and it worked. I just threw my first controller in 4 years because of this shit. But as we all know Dark Souls doesnt have a lot of music but is good cause when music is played it really helps seperate the place and set the tone like firelink in Lordran. Source: www.ign.com. Anor Londo is where you go to after Sen's Fortress (which you go to after ringing both bells). 6/3/2019 I head to the one onto the right hide and then just hit him i ignore the one on the left just gives you a lousy ring. And it was just a shitty soul >.<. yesterday, after failing a dozen times, I equipped the force miracle, ran past all the enemies, sprinted up the ledges, right up to him, and pushed HIM off the side of the building for a change. I had never used poison arrows before so I didn't know it took multiple and even though I had tried to hit him with a few in a row, I think I let them space out too far apart because I was trying to conserve poison arrows. 3. With all that, I was able to literally just walk up to the first dude and hack him to pieces. I'm guessing they fucking re-spawn, but even if they don't he doesn't count as dead since I died first, right? Just get up in his face and block, and he will attack you and bounce himself off the edge. Goddamnit, to make matters worse, when I'm going down that one small "bridge" to get to the last two gargoyles before these fucking ass holes, at the bottom there is a glitch where I am now always taking damage from nothing for at least half of a health bar. This edit will also create new pages on Giant Bomb for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other The problem with this is a) you take a ton of damage if you don't block it, or b) if you do block it, the push back is so hard, you fall to your death. Thanks for watching Before you run around the ledge past where the dude on the right used to be, wait for another arrow and try to block it, so that you don't get knocked off so close to victory. It's just back to being bad now. Abby's Not-Goodbye-But-See-You-Later Stream! Unique Anor Londo Posters designed and sold by artists. My character is all about light weight so I just found if I sprinted the arrows would miss me, from there I attacked the archer on the right and skipped the other archer. Go up the right side, just run you are faster than the arrow. I just sprinted past everything up to them, threw a fire orb at the one on the right, and he fell off. I went to the silver knight on the right first, dropped my guard once he switched to sword and shield, and just wailed on him while my high poise (90ish with the ring) allowed me to just soak his hits without breaking my attacks. Or, poison the one on the right, then run it and break right heading for the exit, skipping the guy on the left and missing out on the Soul of a Hero he guards. I lovew you for makeing this thread. From there I fought him, and he eventually fell off to his death and I could progress to another area with a bonfire. Yeah, so there are only 3 possible methods to deal with the knights 1.You run [and use random luck\any skill] to [any direction] knight, in the end second would not be able to shoot you, use [any skill] to kill your knight, then go to the second and repeat. Dark Souls 1 Playing as Boss Artorias in Anor Londo vs Ornstein and Smough - Duration: 24:47. ... the Anor Londo Silver Knights are one of the very few sections of Dark Souls I'd legitimately classify as unfair, because there's nothing quite up to the same par before that point of the game, even accounting Blighttown. The arrows are very visible, so they're fairly easy to dodge. Walk quietly until you hear the bows being drawn. hide. One hit, the knight on the right will get staggered and another hit, he'll fall off. the firing lanes arent nearly as cancer as the original though #15 - relicfighter . ... p. 2 Anor Londo - p. 3 Anor Londo - p. 4 Anor Londo - p. 5 Anor Londo - p. 6 Lordvessel Darkroot Basin -> Darkroot Garden II Darkroot Garden II New Londo Ruins - p. 1 … Then I tried the left one and lost a bunch of souls. Except for Valley of Defilement, swamp area was just a boring slog. Reply +2 [-] you go back in 3, archers shoot at you on flying buttresses again. I swing my axe but fall off, he falls off half a second after me. Worked for me very well. It's really fucked up though, while in aiming mode I could swear their "missiles" actually home in on you. 4:46. I've not found much of the rest of this game difficult at all, but fuck.